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aLL Level workshops

WORKSHOPS: Whether you are just starting out, need a refresher, doing private sittings or already doing platform, these workshops will cater for your needs.  They will take you from the basic psychic senses through to being able to do Evidential Mediumship, ie direct contact with the Spirit World.

Let me help you to push yourselves, stepping out of that comfort zone, giving that exquisite  unique information so that your recipient is in no doubt whatsoever that you ARE talking to their passed over loved one. These classes are very intensive so be prepared to work.  You get out of the class what you put in.

WEEKLY CLASSES: extra weekly classes throughout the year in Sydney.

ON-GOING MENTORING: so once you are ready to go out on platform I will:-

Get that booking for you : guide you through a service: be by your side: then its up to you to continue to work for Spirit within the Churches.

  • Hearing voices in your head?
  • Seeing things others can’t see?
  • Know things before they happen?
  • Struggling to figure out what it all means? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

And no, you are NOT going crazy. You are NOT weird.

I was once where you are now.  It is scary, but with the right guidance and encouragement you will realise that you are NOT crazy, or mental. (Read all about how I told Spirit to “go away” as confused, scared teenager)

Today, I am passionate about

  • Teaching people how to tune in to Spirit.
  • To recognize and nurture their psychic or mediumship abilities.
  • To help them realize their own potential. 

You see, we all have these gifts. For some they are hidden while for others, they are more pronounced. Events in our lives, ie death, marriage break up, change of job etc can bring this to the forefront and then, where do you go?

People come for different reasons, for example to use these skills for readings, platform demonstrations or just to help them in their own daily lives.  Whatever your reason, I can help you.  My students become my “babies” and I nurture them.  I will do the same for you, helping you over and above the “classroom” situation.  I realise what a daunting situation this can be and I want to put your mind at rest. I will make you feel comfortable in your connection with spirit and I will be proud to watch your progress. 

My workshops are a way for you to explore your own abilities in a structured way. Together, we explore your different ‘senses’ and learn how to control them, how to work with them. We cover all the aspects of psychic mediumship – believing and trusting yourselves, spirit and of course the teacher.  Whatever your needs, these workshops will allow you to explore your connection to spirit, how it works for you and how you can best use that in the future.  

In MY workshops, no one laughs at you – only with you. You will feel comfortable enough to be able to stand up and speak, building that confidence slowly but surely. There is alot of practical work done – in groups, or in front of a group.   

I have been trained in a very focussed way and am able to tap in to the hows and whys of what you need. My passion is to help as many people as I can and I want to do it in my own special, heart felt way. I have been very blessed in people who believed in me and have given me the opportunities to shine. This is what I will do for you. Some of my students who I am working with at the moment have only been with me for a short while and they are out on stage demonstrating their mediumship in the most amazing, compassionate, accurate way that is enthralling audiences throughout NSW.

I conduct two kinds of workshops, a Mixed Ability level for those who are just starting out or those who have already dipped their toes in and are wishing to enhance their current abilities and then a more Advanced level which is aimed at those who are already doing church and / or mediumship demonstration platforms who need to push themselves out of their comfort zone thus improving their confidence levels.

What my students say

Morning Val!
Thank you so much for the learning and fun on so many levels. The tuition, practice, feedback and stretch is exactly what I was looking for but most of all it was your example of presence and connection to spirit that stood out the most. This created a learning environment that held us in love, trust and truth. The three elements that an effective psychic medium must live, breathe and be.

I feel so blessed the my guides have lead me to this point (and for their continued support) and even more blessed that they’ve lead me to the teacher that can help me to fully own who I am.   Will see you at either December or February workshop.  Blessings,


Val is unlike any spiritual teacher I have had over the years.

Firstly, as an internationally acclaimed medium, she leads by example, has high standards and inspires high standards in all of her intermediate and advanced students.

Secondly, she is clear on the purpose of developing the gift of mediumship, that is to prove the continuation of the soul of our loved ones and to let people that have lost those dear, to know that they are both near and doing just fine. The responsibility of each student in her classes to develop the skills in order to accurately and succinctly deliver this message to those seeking comfort or closure is paramount.

Thirdly, Val’s teaching style is learning by doing. Never before have I been so encouraged to dive in and do the work, to learn the work in a safe and supportive environment, where making mistakes is ok to do in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of your talents. I have grown in ability so quickly compared to other circles I have sat in because of the example she sets, the standards she expects, the clarity of purpose for why we are developing the gift and the practical nature of the classes.

I am truly blessed to have Val as a teacher, an inspiration and someone who has reshaped my whole value set around who a medium is and their contribution to the world.


I have been searching for a regular workshop to attend for over 3 years. I have heard about Val and her teachings, in June 2016. I attended my first workshop with Val. I was so happy as Val offered the teachings I was looking for. Exercises after exercises, straight into it. Val would explain each exercise and how to connect with Spirit, some of the exercises had a twist to them, which added some fun. My connection with Spirit is expanding and I am seeing the changes within me, my confidence is growing with Spirit and myself. When you find the right teacher everything just clicks and falls into place, Val makes you feel so welcome. I can highly recommend Val’s workshops, it’s a great place of learning and meeting like minded people


The workshop last Saturday was brilliant. This time, we were pushed even further with our information and evidence and the feedback received from Val and the other fellow students were very supportive and encouraging. I have been coming to Val’s workshop for a year now and each workshop is unique and catered for our individual development in our mediumship abilities. I am so blessed and humble to be apart of “Team Val” and to have the opportunity to learn from her, as Val truly walks her talk and also to be apart of my tribe, fellow like minded group whom are so supportive, encouraging and fun to be with. The workshop environment is always fantastic. It is comfortable, safe, fun and we get to work hard as well. Thank you Val for being a great teacher, friend and mentor.


I have known Val for a few years and feel privileged to call her my friend and mentor.

I have been attending Val’s workshops on mediumship for about a year and I have benefitted greatly from her teachings.  Val brings her expertise in mediumship to each workshop and gives her time, knowledge and patience to all her students.

In her workshops Val creates a supportive environment. Not only does she support us all but she creates an atmosphere where there is no competition, just everyone doing the best they can and supporting each other.

Val teaches us the best way to communicate with spirit, and also how to help those on this plane. She teaches, encourages and is fully supportive of all who attend her classes, no matter what level they are at.


I love the individual mediumship mentoring Val offers. Her groups are small for a reason and getting personal tips and tweaks to my mediumship is exactly what I need right now. Val attracts just beautiful people and the group is always so supporting and helpful. Not an ego in sight.


got questions? 

I think I’m going mad! I keep seeing things !!! Is this spirit?
I had the same thing and pushed it away for many years, but now I realise how special and important that was.  They were there to help me and trying to get me on this path or working with spirit.  And yes I am mad!! In my own way!!!
Can I really do this?
I feel that we are all born with a connection to spirit but the world takes over and we have to get on with our lives!  That’s necessary.  However when the time is right spirit will start putting little thoughts in your head, or signs around you and that is when it is time to step forward, find the right teacher and get learning.
Are you the right teacher for me?
Well we won’t know unless we try.  I have help so many over the years and those working with me now, trust me implicitly to be honest with them and to help them move forward always.  And of course personalities have a big part to play.  My personality is helping, caring, excitement and proud to have my connection to spirit that I can share with you.
Should I stick with one teacher?
I would advise not as you will get something different from each teacher you work with.  I have had many as then picked the bits that resonate better with me to mould my mediumship skills.
How long will it take to become a medium?
Well definitely not overnight.  There is a lot of time and dedication.  And of course spirit are watching you all the time, so how determined are you.  How much do you want to do this.  Like playing an instrument, you have to keep going over the exercises until you perfect them, you don’t join a symphony orchestra on the day you pick up your instrument.
Where can I learn more?
Books, internet!  See as many mediums work as possible.  Sometimes you will see “how not to do it” as well as “I want to be like them”.
I have heard of the Arthur Findlay College - would you recommend it?
I would most definitely recommend.  I have been there many times myself.  The teaching, course content, focus and structure is the best.  I teach the similar format.
I am quite shy and not confident to stand in front of others!
I will not make you do anything you don’t want to do.  However most who come see others getting up there and doing there thing and before you know everyone is feeling safe and comfortable and I have to hold them back.

are you ready to connect with spirit?

then let’s get started

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