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As a Medium, Val has the ability to connect the Spiritual world to the physical world and is able able to pass on the message in a way that touches the soul.

  • Have you just lost a loved one and have all sorts of questions to validate that they are still with you?
  • Are you looking for signs that they are still there, that they are happy?
  • Looking for closure with a loved one that has passed?
  • Are you looking for answers regarding work, a difficult relationship, or other issues in your life that need clarity?

Are you ready for a Mediumship reading?

Val will connect with the world of Spirit. Connections with Spirit are very personal and emotional times and Val will deliver messages to you with compassion and respect. Within this reading, Val may also be given information that she feels she has to share with you about your life.

Firstly, you decide whether you want a reading in person, or over Skype/Zoom (they both work exactly the same way) and click the link below. You’ll be asked to set your timezone, book a time for your reading, fill out a few questions, and pay.

Mediumship is about being able to connect Spirit loved ones to the recipient who has come for the reading. Val is able to connect the two worlds, bringing information and clarity to prove that. So a reading is, a loved one from Spirit, bringing guidance and comfort for you, (the recipient) with love . Think of it as a direct phone line to the Spirit world or a “cosmic telephone call”.
To connect with a loved one who has passed on to spirit. They might be gone, but you can still connect with them. The loss of a loved one can be very distressing and knowing they are ok, out of pain and still around us is very comforting, although often very emotional. There are also lots of us who have lost a loved one and didn’t get that chance to say “I love you” or “thank you” or even “I’ll miss you” and this is an opportunity for both you or your loved one to do just that. You know that Val cannot bring your loved one back to you but she can bring their essence, humour, love, and those cherished shared memories back to you. You will leave with that closure and comfort of knowing they are still there with you whenever you need them. Allowing you to be able to get on with your life, with the knowledge, the comfort that they are still alongside you.
It can also be comforting for those who have had other losses such as in business or with financial problems. Am I making the right decision? Should I buy that new property? All losses, no matter what they are, can be traumatic and a reading is most definitely a huge healing and can help you to cope, put things into perspective and move on with a lighter heart. But know that even though Spirit gives this guidance, YOU still have personal choice.
If you need to cancel, another day for your reading or workshop will be made by mutual agreement. Val will work with you for your next booking within a three month period. We apologise, but we are unable to offer refunds.

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In Person
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Last Sunday my babies had been gone for 8 weeks only. The medium said she had a message from a young man who had died tragically and recently and proceeded to describe my 9 year old - she then stopped and with tears in her eyes said that his sibling was with him and described my 11 year old. Now I know from visiting this website that losing 2 children is very rare - you wouldn't make it up. She came up afterwards apologising for not producing their names - trust me, I didn't mind, we were all in tears - the most amazing experience. It has lifted my spirits so much, to lose both my boys has totally devastated my life but this one woman has given me so much hope

  • Truly an evidential mediumship, with a huge heart and passion for helping others. Would highly recommend Val for a reading and for training.
    Daniela Mallozzi
  • I don’t know if I can explain to you how my soul lifted after our meeting, you are THAT good Val I hope you know that!!! My precious mum made me feel so very special and the love I felt from her was enormous. So happy to have you as a neighbour lovely lady and we will most definitely see each other again- thank you so much Anne
  • What a truly enjoyable night watching this gorgeous lady connect with spirit & bring through such amazingly accurate loving messages for so many. Val's brilliant display of mediumship was uplifting with so much laughter. Great work as always beautiful Sue Williams ... you certainly excel at bringing us the best... thank you DM
  • Morning Val! Thank you so much for the learning and fun on so many levels. The tuition, practice, feedback and stretch is exactly what I was looking for but most of all it was your example of presence and connection to spirit that stood out the most. This created a learning environment that held us in love, trust and truth. The three elements that an effective psychic medium must live, breathe and be. I feel so blessed the my guides have lead me to this point (and for their continued support) and even more blessed that they’ve lead me to the teacher that can help me to fully own who I am.   Will see you at either December or February workshop.  Blessings,
  • Not only a brilliant honest and talented medium but a truely entertaining presentation with vals warmth , morals and lovely representation of spirit thanks for a great night SH
  • Great night full of fun laughter and amazing evidence. Certainly great to see your wondetful way of presenting the gift of mediumship with truth and love. Thanks to both you and Sue Williams for always raising the standards and showing how Mediumship should be done. KG
  • I've known Val for many years and she is the real deal. she is just as authentic and passionate about her work as she is about life. You will not be disappointed.
    Robyn Willcocks
  • One of the best mediums I have seen on platform for a very long time HC
  • Never met anyone else like her. Her skill, gift, whatever one wants to call it is amazing and leaves me in awe. Not only that, but she is also a wonderful friend. Very lucky to have her in my life now, that’s for sure! If you need to have a reading done to spend time with your loved ones who have passed whether it be for guidance, reassurance, or just because, Val is who to turn to. Trust me.
    Bella Saward
  • I have been searching for a regular workshop to attend for over 3 years. I have heard about Val and her teachings, in June 2016. I attended my first workshop with Val. I was so happy as Val offered the teachings I was looking for. Exercises after exercises, straight into it. Val would explain each exercise and how to connect with Spirit, some of the exercises had a twist to them, which added some fun. My connection with Spirit is expanding and I am seeing the changes within me, my confidence is growing with Spirit and myself. When you find the right teacher everything just clicks and falls into place, Val makes you feel so welcome. I can highly recommend Val’s workshops, it’s a great place of learning and meeting like minded people.
  • What gorgeous energy Val has KB
  • Awesome night of fun, laughter and lots of evidence from a very passionate medium. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and integrity working with spirit RSB
  • I love the individual mediumship mentoring Val offers. Her groups are small for a reason and getting personal tips and tweaks to my mediumship is exactly what I need right now. Val attracts just beautiful people and the group is always so supporting and helpful. Not an ego in sight.
  • Val is your go to Medium and Workshop Facilitator. She's just the BEST!
    Maria Krystyna
  • I was so thrilled to have participated in Val Hood's Mediumship workshop on Saturday. Val it was amazing and and I loved the wonderful experience. I also love your passion for what you do ,you are truly an inspiration to all. Thank you so much Val. Lots love Judy Houtigan
  • Had a few readings with Val all excellent.
    Roger Lowrey
  • Val absolutely shined tonight. Honesty, integrity and love of spirit shone through the night BC
  • A breath of fresh air to watch, brilliant Mediumship, thank you RR