Training and Mentoring

I have spent many years (30 in fact) training and developing myself to better my skills and then enhancing my teaching skills. I have recently achieved my CSNU(d) which is a certificate through the Spiritiualist National Union in the UK. 

A very emotional testimonial

I was at the Spiritualist church in Farnham last Sunday with my mum and my partner Geoff. I have always believed in the afterlife and discussed it freely with my boys, Kieran had even attended with me a few times.

How do you want to be remembered when you die?

When a Medium brings through messages from a loved one, they can bring information psychically and mediumsticly. Which means directly through your energy, or from Spirit. But what have you seen Mediums bringing forward?  “Your granny loves you and wore a pinny

A Reading is Healing …

The number of times I give a reading to someone and that person walks away, completely changed.  They look at life differently.  With a much more positive outlook.  We often feel alone in life and that we are dealing with

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