Spiritualist Church Platform Demonstrations

Spiritual churches with VAL & students.



My return to Spirit was through a Spiritual Church and I continue to work within the churches as my way of giving back.  These events are about coming together with like-minded Spiritualists – people who already believe in the Spirit world. We come together sharing in prayer, songs, messages from loved ones and an inspirational talk given by the Medium.

Do you want to see what mediumship is all about?

Are you eager to get a glimpse into what connecting with Spirit is all about?

Would you like to experience mediumship in a warm, comfortable, group environment?

My Evenings of Mediumship and Church Demonstrations are a great way to experience mediumship for yourself in a safe environment.  Not all show/events are alike. Each is unique. Each takes its own form depending on the people who come in and the Spirit that choose to show up. But each and every one of these events leaves attendees feeling warm and loved, knowing that their loved ones are there to help them. I’ve been doing this work for nearly 30 years, in many countries and Spirit has never failed me. My events are always full of love, joy and tears of happiness.

Platform Demonstrations

with Val Hood and Students

Got questions?

Yes. Shows and Evenings of Mediumship are charged. Spiritual churches however are donation only.
That's ok. I didn’t either when I first started, but at the end of the first service I ever attended so many came up and spoke to me.  It is a very warm friendly “family”.  So come and experience it for yourself.
Not necessarily as there are usually too many people at both types of event.  BUT you will leave with something.  You may have been touched by someone else’s message,  It may have related to you “in person”.  The talk might have been made “just for you”.  And the questions could have been some or all of the questions you have wanted to ask but were scared to or didn’t know where to go to get those answers.

Book VAL HOOD for a church service or an evening of mediumship.

Val is available to Spiritualist Churches all over Australia and Evenings of Mediumship.