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here’s How we go about it

First, you decide whether you want a reading in person, or over Skype/Zoom. They both work exactly the same way.  Then you go ahead and book using the link below. It’ll ask you to set your timezone, book a time for your reading, fill out a few questions, and pay.

In person reading (Sydney)

online readings (via Skype/Zoom) WORLDWIDE

In person reading (UK) £60

If you are looking for answers, to hear from loved ones, or for closure

 If you are looking for guidance, for direction, for assurance, for hope

A reading is a way of connecting with Spirit to help you get the answers, the assurance, you need.

As a Medium, I have the ability to connect the Spiritual world to the physical world and am able able to pass on the message in a way that is totally accepted and touches the soul. That is what I do in my readings – I pass on messages!

But what is mediumship?

how does a reading work?

Mediumship is about being able to connect Spirit loved ones to the recipient who has come for the reading. I am able to connect the two worlds, bringing information and clarity to prove that.

So a reading is, a loved one from Spirit, bringing guidance and comfort for you, (the recipient) with love .

Think of it as a direct phone line to the Spirit world or a “cosmic telephone call” as one of my client’s said.

why do people choose to have a reading?

The most common reasons are:

What happy clients say

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel, another day for your reading or workshop will be made by mutual agreement. Val will work with you for your next booking within a three month period. We apologise, but we are unable to offer refunds.

I would like to say a big thank you to Val Hood for tonight. You are so good at what you do it was a privilege to have you with us. All of us there enjoyed every moment of your accurate readings. You are truly blessed with your gift. Also thankyou to everyone who came tonight, such a happy group of people love sue xxxx

Wangaratta Spiritualist Ctr

I was at the Spiritualist church in Farnham last Sunday with my mum and my partner Geoff. I have always believed in the afterlife and discussed it freely with my boys, Kieran had even attended with me a few times. I had stopped going – not needing the reassurance that it brings until both my boys died. Last Sunday my babies had been gone for 8 weeks only. The medium arrived, her name was Val Hood, she had never been to the Farnham church before. She said she had a message from a young man who had died tragically and recently and proceeded to describe my 9 year old – she then stopped and with tears in her eyes said that his sibling was with him and described my 11 year old. Now I know from visiting this website that losing 2 children is very rare – you wouldn’t make it up. She then went on to tell me about many things that I have and haven’t been doing that she would never have known. She also came up to me afterwards and apologised for not being able to produce their names – trust me, I didn’t mind, my partner, my mother and I were all in tears – Geoff has said that its the most amazing experience of his life. It has lifted my spirits so much, to lose both my boys has totally devastated my life but this one woman has given me so much hope. Tanja

You changed oubbbbr lives.  we are so blessed to have you in our lives .

First I meet you , now my husband and daughter feel the ‘sense ‘ of peace and understanding . Your gifts I spread to all I can ,as you are what I believe a trun/kn/ke gift to this world and I’ll shout that near and far …

Thank you for your service , friendship and of being your truth .. I love you and appreciate who you are . Bless you!

Katrina Whitby


I am proud to state that – from personal experience – Val Hood is an extremely accurate psychic medium. I lost two treasured friends to a car accident over 20 years ago and I’ve sought countless opportunities to make contact with them since their death. Of all the mediums I’ve sat with, only three have nailed it (in my mind) with absolutely no doubt in my mind – Gordon Smith, Lisa Williams and … Val Hood. So if you were to ask me, ‘Do you know of a medium that’s both accurate and ethical here in Australia?’ I’d have to say – from personal experience – ‘Yes, Val Hood’.

Scott Alexander-King

Author teacher, animal psychic and zoomancer

Just wanted to again say a BIG THANK YOU for your reading yesterday. Your accuracy was amazing, and even though I’ve always felt my loved ones who had passed around me it was nice to get that validation that I wasn’t going Crazy… Speaking with you was like having a “Cosmic Phone call” from them and it was so very much needed and appreciated. You’re a very talented lady and providing people like me with this service is truly the ultimate in selflessness. You're a gem!

Jodi, Victoria, Aus

If you are looking

for answers,

for assurance,

for guidance,

a reading can help. 

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