What clients say about readings

When I was at Wangaratta spiritual centre on Thursday my last reading was all based around the film Forrest Gump... just got this ...Hi Val, I was at the Wangaratta centre on Thursday night, I'm hoping that you remember giving my daughter a reading, where her father came through talking about Forrest Gump running, well yesterday I was talking to my other daughter and telling her about the reading, she said you're kidding the kids and I watched Forrest Gump on Wednesday night. I think that's validation. Thank-you Val it was a wonderful night, you never cease to amaze me, and you remain genuinely humble and kind. Look forward to seeing you next time. Cheers Joy xxx 


Just wanted to again say a BIG THANK YOU for your reading yesterday. Your accuracy was amazing, and even though I’ve always felt my loved ones who had passed around me it was nice to get that validation that I wasn’t going Crazy… Speaking with you was like having a “Cosmic Phone call” from them and it was so very much needed and appreciated. You’re a very talented lady and providing people like me with this service is truly the ultimate in selflessness. You're a gem!

Jodi, Victoria, Aus

I am proud to state that – from personal experience – Val Hood is an extremely accurate psychic medium. I lost two treasured friends to a car accident over 20 years ago and I’ve sought countless opportunities to make contact with them since their death. Of all the mediums I’ve sat with, only three have nailed it (in my mind) with absolutely no doubt in my mind – Gordon Smith, Lisa Williams and … Val Hood. So if you were to ask me, ‘Do you know of a medium that’s both accurate and ethical here in Australia?’ I’d have to say – from personal experience – ‘Yes, Val Hood’.

Scott Alexander-King

Author teacher, animal psychic and zoomancer

You have the knowledge to stand confidently with no ego and have the total backing of the divine universe – you know your work – you love what you do, you touch the hearts and souls of everyone in the room and you shine.  You are diplomatic & tactful and have the skills to communicate – you know how to deal with people in an audience.  You have a true connection  – not only with the messages – you take command / control of your event and are like the power source that runs everything.  You have the ability to connect to the person and spirit and hand the message in a way that is totally accepted – a wow moment for them.

Blair & Narelle, QLD

She is a constant source of encouragement, reassurance and comfort as a way of being in the world and this flows abundantly into all her work.  In a way it can be said that Val gives people the incentive, support and guidance to live their best lives. In doing that. This is what happens when you live your passion and trust your life purpose.  There is a deep love exchange when Val works.

After a session with Val you come out living deeper and richer. This feeling should occur when you consult a good medium. If it doesn’t, you might like to try with someone else. It is worth it for the sake of adding significant meaning to your life. Let me repeat, Val helps you live your best life.


Thank you so much for the reading you did for my mum, sister, and me today. It was absolutely fantastic! There were so many things that you said that you couldn’t have known – not that I didn’t believe that it’s possible to contact those that have passed over, but it proved that you were blessed with the gift of being able to do it. It must be amazing!


Thank you Val. This reading did mean so much to me you being in contact with my parents and it is so nice to hear that they are happy together in the spirit world. You are just brilliant.

Helen, Victoria, Australia

I came to see you earlier this year after I lost my mum and although I found it very emotional, it gave me such comfort that I was intrigued to come along to one of your stage shows. Towards the end of the evening I was feeling really deflated that I had not received any messages …that was, until, you spoke to a lady who had lost her daughter under truly tragic circumstances. The way in which you came across to that lady was absolutely outstanding. Your delivery of her message was handled with such confidence and compassion it was incredible. Also, the way in which you manage to still raise a smile in such emotional circumstances is truly a credit to you. It was this very last message that has given me yet again, such an enormous amount of comfort…I did not leave feeling devastated at all…I was so glad that lady heard from her daughter and was glad she had her moment and not me…I’m not quite sure about you having the best job in the world, but you most certainly are the best person for it! Thank you.


Dear Val I wanted to say how very pleased that I was that I came to see you for a reading. I had felt very low since the death of my dear friends and it was an enormous comfort to me to hear that they were no longer in pain and at peace. You have an incredible gift and I am very lucky that I found you. Thank you Val for my reading it was a great comfort to me. F

I wanted to write and express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the reading?I had no idea if you would be able to contact someone who had passed 8 weeks ago but I got a very clear picture and received some very comforting information.


…thank you so much for having made such impressive contact with my dearest buddy, Betty Shine, and my darling Mum and my lovely husband. I felt comforted by their presence and advice!


I should extend my thoughts below on the reading you gave me on Monday, in that, listening to the tape again, I realise how much “truth” you have conveyed with such positivity and clarity, and how beneficial that has been. Since the reading, I have had a real sense of peace and hope. That is a real and valuable experience to have had. K

Dear Val I would like to thank you for the reading you did for me yesterday afternoon. I found it fascinating, accurate, insightful and very comforting. I appreciated your sensitivity and your gentleness.

Eleana, Business woman

I was delighted with my reading…I have never been read so accurately before. She completely soothed my soul, leaving no room for doubt at the existence of the soul after death and that we are all being looked after by our loved ones from the Other Side. Her readings are filled with compassion and she conveys such love. I left with the certainty that everything was going to be just fine…highly recommended.


You told us about the book you read called “The Secret”, and the feathers in your garden… Well, I decided to try it for myself. I made a plea to Spirit to please send me a feather, as some sort of validation that they are around. And they heard me! I woke up yesterday morning, opened my curtains, and something drew my attention to the window cill (which I never normally pay any attention to)…..There, it was, a single soft, fluffy white feather. I can truly say…I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE…Just like in “Shrek”!!! It made me smile, and I’ll treasure that little feather forever. It was just what I needed, and has kept me positive, and made me realise that life is actually quite amazing, and that I should be grateful for each and every day. Thank you for sharing your gift and touching my life without even realising it…..Bless you.


Thank you so much for our wonderful reading last week. We all enjoyed the experience and the boys were so comfortable in your home. My Mum has very recently passed away and I got some fairly clear messages that she wanted to communicate with me!! You were so wonderful and the experience was one I will never forget. I am now so interested in this area that I will be attending your event tonight at the Harlequin in Redhill. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Rob Emms, Businessman, Dubai

What clients say about workshops

I have been Val‘s student for about eighteen months during which time I have had the pleasure and benefit of her warmth, generosity, humour, patience, instruction and encouragement. Val is very particular about imbuing us with a high standard of skills and an ethical framework in which to work. I have watched her students develop excellent meduimship skills and have seen a number of them successfully demonstrate these skills in public.

I wholeheartedly recommend Val to anyone interested in spiritual development.


I have known Val for a few years and feel privileged to call her my friend and mentor.

I have been attending Val’s workshops on mediumship for about a year and I have benefitted greatly from her teachings.  Val brings her expertise in mediumship to each workshop and gives her time, knowledge and patience to all her students.

In her workshops Val creates a supportive environment. Not only does she support us all but she creates an atmosphere where there is no competition, just everyone doing the best they can and supporting each other.

Val teaches us the best way to communicate with spirit, and also how to help those on this plane. She teaches, encourages and is fully supportive of all who attend her classes, no matter what level they are at.


I have been searching for a regular workshop to attend for over 3 years. I have heard about Val and her teachings, in June 2016. I attended my first workshop with Val. I was so happy as Val offered the teachings I was looking for. Exercises after exercises, straight into it. Val would explain each exercise and how to connect with Spirit, some of the exercises had a twist to them, which added some fun. My connection with Spirit is expanding and I am seeing the changes within me, my confidence is growing with Spirit and myself. When you find the right teacher everything just clicks and falls into place, Val makes you feel so welcome. I can highly recommend Val’s workshops, it’s a great place of learning and meeting like minded people


Val is unlike any spiritual teacher I have had over the years.

Firstly, as an internationally acclaimed medium, she leads by example, has high standards and inspires high standards in all of her intermediate and advanced students.

Secondly, she is clear on the purpose of developing the gift of mediumship, that is to prove the continuation of the soul of our loved ones and to let people that have lost those dear, to know that they are both near and doing just fine. The responsibility of each student in her classes to develop the skills in order to accurately and succinctly deliver this message to those seeking comfort or closure is paramount.

Thirdly, Val’s teaching style is learning by doing. Never before have I been so encouraged to dive in and do the work, to learn the work in a safe and supportive environment, where making mistakes is ok to do in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of your talents. I have grown in ability so quickly compared to other circles I have sat in because of the example she sets, the standards she expects, the clarity of purpose for why we are developing the gift and the practical nature of the classes.

I am truly blessed to have Val as a teacher, an inspiration and someone who has reshaped my whole value set around who a medium is and their contribution to the world.


I love the individual mediumship mentoring Val offers. Her groups are small for a reason and getting personal tips and tweaks to my mediumship is exactly what I need right now. Val attracts just beautiful people and the group is always so supporting and helpful. Not an ego in sight.


The workshop last Saturday was brilliant. This time, we were pushed even further with our information and evidence and the feedback received from Val and the other fellow students were very supportive and encouraging. I have been coming to Val’s workshop for a year now and each workshop is unique and catered for our individual development in our mediumship abilities. I am so blessed and humble to be apart of “Team Val” and to have the opportunity to learn from her, as Val truly walks her talk and also to be apart of my tribe, fellow like minded group whom are so supportive, encouraging and fun to be with. The workshop environment is always fantastic. It is comfortable, safe, fun and we get to work hard as well. Thank you Val for being a great teacher, friend and mentor.


Morning Val!
Thank you so much for the learning and fun on so many levels. The tuition, practice, feedback and stretch is exactly what I was looking for but most of all it was your example of presence and connection to spirit that stood out the most. This created a learning environment that held us in love, trust and truth. The three elements that an effective psychic medium must live, breathe and be.

I feel so blessed the my guides have lead me to this point (and for their continued support) and even more blessed that they’ve lead me to the teacher that can help me to fully own who I am.   Will see you at either December or February workshop.  Blessings,


What clients say about SHOWS

Hi Val I have just been to see you at the Harlequin Theatre tonight, and well, I thought you were absolutely amazing! I have been looking for quite some time, a clairvoyant who would give me a reading – and I think I have found her! I had a fantastic evening tonight, and the friend that I came with was slightly sceptical before she came – but she left in utter awe of you as well! Thank you once again, for a truly magical evening.

Gina, Surrey

I would like to say a big thank you to Val Hood for tonight. You are so good at what you do it was a privilege to have you with us. All of us there enjoyed every moment of your accurate readings. You are truly blessed with your gift. Also thankyou to everyone who came tonight, such a happy group of people love sue xxxx
Wangaratta Spiritualist Ctr

I was at the Spiritualist church in Farnham last Sunday with my mum and my partner Geoff. I have always believed in the afterlife and discussed it freely with my boys, Kieran had even attended with me a few times. I had stopped going – not needing the reassurance that it brings until both my boys died. Last Sunday my babies had been gone for 8 weeks only. The medium arrived, her name was Val Hood, she had never been to the Farnham church before. She said she had a message from a young man who had died tragically and recently and proceeded to describe my 9 year old – she then stopped and with tears in her eyes said that his sibling was with him and described my 11 year old. Now I know from visiting this website that losing 2 children is very rare – you wouldn’t make it up. She then went on to tell me about many things that I have and haven’t been doing that she would never have known. She also came up to me afterwards and apologised for not being able to produce their names – trust me, I didn’t mind, my partner, my mother and I were all in tears – Geoff has said that its the most amazing experience of his life. It has lifted my spirits so much, to lose both my boys has totally devastated my life but this one woman has given me so much hope.


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