the VERYy beginning

From the age of 7, I have been seeing spirit or dead people.  We moved in to look after my Grandad after my Nan’s death, BUT she was still there.  This was so terrifying for me and I never told a soul what was happening as I didn’t want others to think me crazy or mad.  But there she was!!

Another time I woke up and there at the foot of my bed was my Nan.  She was tucking in my sister, who was unwell.  Nan turned, looked at me, smiled and then faded away.  What!!!!??  That really freaked me out.  So my nightly ritual after this was to close the curtains, push the curtain on to the window ledge and line up the dolls on top of this.  Then check the wardrobe and lock it.  Check under my bed and then bury myself for the night in my bed.  I did not understand where she had come from so I was covering all bases so to speak! 

Then at 16 as a normal teenager, I had a big row with my Dad, stomped up the stairs and slammed myself in the bathroom.  But as I looked in the mirror not only was there my face but also the face of my Nan!  What was happening!?!?  I turned to check behind me, nothing.  But there in the mirror she was, as large as life and so real to me.  

I was really scared by this and thought enough is enough!  So very ceremoniously I stood in the middle of the house and addressed the spirits. I don’t know why I did this.  I must have looked like a complete nutcase!! But I told Spirit  “I am scared, I didn’t understand what was going on and please let me alone”.  I did say though, that when I was ready and really understood all this,  I would let them back in.



& her journey connecting with spirit

returning to the PATH of spirit

So I got on with my life, marriages, babies, running businesses.  

Then at 34, at a very difficult time of my life, second marriage failing, very unhappy, newly moved to London so no friends, I ended up in a Spiritual Church, as for some reason I just KNEW that this is where I would get some help.  I had not been to one before.  I now realise that this action actually opened the door to allow Spirit back in to my life.  I walked into an environment that was warm, friendly, like a big family and I instantly felt at ease.  I went every week and got lots of messages from Spirit from the mediums on stage.  Each week, getting stronger within myself.  

They also had classes there, so I went to them all.  Could not get enough.  I would like to point out here that I DID NOT want to become a medium – NEVER,  I was just fascinated by all this. 

Eventually, after a few years, I was in the advanced class for mediumship.  My teacher said to me I was at the stage where I needed some outside practice.   GULP!  I didn’t argue and agreed to do just ONE message at the service the following week.   

I turned up, so so nervous and we waited for my teacher to arrive, but she did not turn up!  Her car had broken down.  So I was asked to get up on stage and do the whole thing on my own.  Well you can imagine my fear.  I have never had to trust spirit as much as I did that day, faced with an audience of about 70 people, all wanting a message from Spirit.  I just HAD to do it.  And I did!  Spirit did not let me down!

Over the years, I was lucky to have great teachers who helped me hone my skills including at the Arthur Findlay College and other renowned institutions. Since then, I’ve had the honour of helping hundreds, if not thousands of people, around the world, connect with Spirit through my readings, mediumship demonstrations and workshops. 

I’ve been doing this work for nearly 30 years now, and I’m still humbled on a daily basis by the love I can feel between my clients and their family and friends in Spirit. This is why I’m so passionate about teaching and demonstrating true evidential Mediumship, because I know the connection is real and I’m committed to ensuring you do too – and fortunately, I’m not limited to doing this from a stuffy office or church! I have access to the Spirit world wherever I am, and there’s a chance you might too.

I’m here to Help You  


My passion is my work with Spirit, helping people to connect with their loved ones who have passed over. For the bereaved, I bring that comfort in knowing that their loved ones are always there, no longer in pain, and still helping them. For those in need of positivity and motivation, I help them see what opportunities life is bringing to them! And for those who are curious asking, “Can I do this?”, I help them grow and develop on their path with Spirit. It is such an honour and a wonderful pleasure! 

In the MEDIA

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