2019 - Platform Mediumship Mentoring


Join us in an intimate new group for 2020 – open to those who are already doing this work and wanting to improve their platform presentation skills for Mediumship.

Do you want to become the best messenger you can be in service for the spirit world?

You are invited to discover how with guidance from Val Hood – one of the most highly acclaimed mediums in the world.

Val is a spiritual tutor and founder of The Sydney Spiritualist Training Centre (SSTC).  Val works in Australia and the UK hosting workshops and development classes and of course private readings. Val Hood has shared her gift internationally for over 30 years and trained mediums to a high standard.

Remember training to be a Medium is not just about the messages, its about the love and compassion you show to both the Spirit & our physical worlds. Love it with a passion. But remember to have fun with it too, you have to love and enjoy working with Spirit too.

This particular course is not aimed at beginners, but those advanced mediums who want to enhance those gifts they have already developed with a view to improving Public Platform Presentation.

Your commitment and dedication will be obligatory for your own personal development as you become one of the first in Australia to attend this face to face course.

This course aimed at:
• Those already working with Spirit ie Readings, Church platforms
• Limited numbers – small group for more intense tuition

  • helping you reach the top of the tree in your mediumship
  • enabling you to become the most professional and polished medium that you can be.Places are limited. Book now so you don’t miss out!

The Sydney Spiritualist Training Centre

Join Val to learn how to develop your Mediumship
– for all levels and abilities –

Sydney Spiritualist Training Centre (SSTC) is here to empower and awaken you.

Founded by internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Val Hood (CSNUd), SSTC offers a variety of spiritual training workshops that allow you to create your most fulfilling life, live your soul’s purpose, and share your gifts with the world.

The school, the first of its kind in Sydney also offers one of the most in-depth and well-regarded psychic and mediumship programs available as well as a unique mentoring mediumship program for advanced mediumship created by Val.

Learn to be a confident Medium

Workshops cover specific awareness meditations and mediumship exercises to assist with growth and connecting with loved ones for those wanting to hear from loved ones passed over into the Spirit World. Positive results and self confidence come from students being led at their own pace and with practice.

Sydney Spiritualist Training Centre is more than a learning experience, it’s a place of like-minded souls where you’re empowered to shine and develop new friendships.